Annual meeting of the GTH – abstract submission 

For the participants of the annual meeting, the submitted abstracts are always of special interest. This year, too, the organisers expect numerous interesting abstracts on 24 topics (see below).

Abstract submission is now closed (deadline was Oct 31, 2022)!

If you want to submit any late breaking abstracts, please refer to the GTH Secretariat by email If the scientific quality of your abstract is really good, it might be accepted by the congress presidents after the deadline.

Choose topic

Choose one topic out of the categories that best describes the content of your abstract.

Read guidelines

Carefully read the guidelines and follow them.

Abstract topics

Please choose one topic out of the categories that best describes the content of your abstract.

  1. Atherosclerosis and Inflammation
  2. Pathological Mechanisms of Thrombosis
  3. Diagnosis and Therapy of Acquired and Congenital Thrombotic Disorders
  4. Anticoagulation and Antiplatelet Therapy
  5. Perinatal and Paediatric Hemostasis, Anticoagulation in Children
  6. Coagulation Disorders and Malignancy
  7. Haemotherapy Concepts in Complex Haemostasis Disorders, Intensive Care and Evidence-Based Platelet Transfusion
  8. Therapy with Plasma Derivatives
  9. Perioperative Haemostasis
  10. Diagnosis and Therapy of Sepsis and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
  11. Polytrauma, Polytransfusion
  12. Laboratory Diagnostics and Poc
  13. Haemophilia
  14. Acquired Haemophilia
  15. Von Willebrand Syndrome
  16. Gene Therapy of Congenital Bleeding Disorders
  17. Diagnosis and Therapy of Haemorrhagic Diathesis
  18. Autoimmunological Diseases with Thrombocytopenia, Such As Itp, Ttp, Hus
  19. Coagulation and Covid-19 Infection, Vitt, Long-Covid
  20. Effects on The Patient’S Well-Being and Quality of Life
  21. Haemostasis in Women
  22. Fibrinolysis
  23. Platelet disorders
  24. Various Topics

Abstract Guidelines

  • Abstract text is limited to 3,000 characters in total
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English
  • Please structure your abstract as follows:
    • Introduction / Scientific research question
    • Method
    • Results
    • Conclusion
    • Conflict of interest
  • You can upload two items to your abstract, either two images/figures or one image and one figure
  • All abstracts must contain original work
  • Please indicate your preferred type of presentation (oral or poster) and choose a topic from the drop-down list
  • Please check spelling and grammar carefully. All abstracts will be published as submitted
  • Use generic names. Commercial drug names may not be used