Congress theme

The patient as a benchmark


21-24 February 2023


Congress Center Messe Frankfurt (CMF)
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main


Main Topics

  • Arteriosclerosis and Inflammation
  • Cancer and Thrombosis
  • Fibrinolysis
  • Gene and cell therapy
  • Haemophilia
  • Haemostasis in Women
  • Complex haemostatic disorders and alterations of coagulation
  • Laboratory issues
  • Pathological Mechanisms of Thrombosis
  • Patient related outcome and quality of life
  • Platelets Bleeding Disorders
  • Platelets Physiology
  • Perinatal and Paediatric Haemostasis
  • Perioperative Haemostasis
  • Rare Bleeding Disorders
  • Treatment with blood components and plasma concentrates
  • Vascular wall biology and disorders
  • Von-Willebrand-Syndrome

Plenary speakers with an international reputation

As in every year, numerous renowned keynote and plenary speakers are expected at the GTH Annual Meeting. Among others, the following have already confirmed their participation:

  • Prof. Alex C. Spyropoulos, MD, FACP, FCCP, FRCPC, Founder and former Medical Director at the Clinical Thrombosis Centre in Albuquerque, Professor at the Institute of Health System Science, Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research will give his lecture on “New ways of anticoagulation via the FXI pathway”.
  • Prof. Göran K. Hansson, Professor of Experimental Cardiovascular Research at Karolinska Institute and Secretary General at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences will present “Modern Concepts of Atherosclerosis.”
  • Prof. Philippe Vandekerckhove, CEO of the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders and former Clinical Director of the University Hospital Leuven will present “Evidence-based medicine”
  • Prof. Tamam Bakchoul, Clinical Director of the University Hospital Tübingen will hold his lecture on “Thrombocytopenia in inflammatory diseases”
  • Prof. Jan Beyer-Westendorf, Senior physician at the Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital at the Technical University of Dresden in the Hematology Department will give his lecture on “DOACs: Laboratory challenges and antidots”
  • Prof. James O’Donnell, Professor of Vascular Biology in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Director of the Irish Centre for Vascular Biology will present “Low Von Willebrand factor levels – clinical and scientific insights”
  • Prof. Jacob Odeberg, Professor at the Artic University of Norway at the Department of Clinical Medicine will hold his lecture on “Multi-omics approaches in thrombosis research”
  • Prof. Johannes Oldenburg, Director of the Institute for Experimental Haematology and Transfusion Medicine of the University of Bonn, will present “Molecular and structural basis of clinic phenotypes of the Vitamin K pathway”

Innovative Session Formats

At the 67th Annual Meeting of the GTH, participants will also benefit from innovative session formats, such as ‘For and Against’ debates, Meet the Experts, educationists and other interactive sessions. This guarantees not only the sharing of knowledge, but also the exchange of ideas and opinions between participants and speakers. 

The plenary lectures by renowned invited speakers will provide updates on the main topics of the meeting and showcase some of the latest clinical and basic science.

A formal discussion on a particular matter between invited speakers.

These sessions are composed of abstract presentations and presentations by invited speakers.

There will be a set of interesting satellite and lunch symposia sponsored by our industrial partners. Thematically, they will outline some of the most innovative treatment options in haemostasis, thrombosis and vascular medicine.

State-of-the-art lectures by renowned scientists are followed by select oral presentations on the latest findings from basic and clinical research.

These sessions are led by recognized authorities in their fields. After a presentation about their specialised topic the experts will open the session for discussion, which will be driven by active audience participation.

Diese Sitzungen werden von Fachleuten ihres Gebiets geleitet. Nach einer Präsentation über ihr Fachthema werden die Experten die Sitzung zur Diskussion eröffnen, die von einer aktiven Publikumsbeteiligung getragen wird.

On the first day, we offer workshops for health care professionals.

Disorders of thrombosis and haemostasis affecting patients throughout their entire life are approached from different angles and discussed by an interdisciplinary expert panel.

A case-based practical approach to challenging issues in the diagnosis and treatment of bleeding and thrombotic disorders.

Established scientists share their knowledge and personal experience on how to build a career in a rapidly changing research environment.